We’re giving out our Secret Biscuit Recipe

After our last run of The Tetley Biscuits people kept asking us for the recipe so we thought since it is National Biscuit Day we would share it with you. It is easy peasy and great if you have kids because they keep their shape really well. They also make good dunkers. We normally make them by the hundred so we have reduced the recipe down to roughly 10 biscuits. So here goes


Stacked BiscuitsButter – 200g (room temperature)
Caster Sugar – 100g
Plain Flour – 350g
Vanilla Extract – A few drops


First set the oven to 150’oc and then all you have to do is cream together the Butter and the Sugar until it is light and fluffy. When you do this, make sure you chop the butter into little chunks and if you’re using a mixer, we use a dough hook. We then pop the vanilla extract and the flour in and make sure that all the ingredients are mixed well. Then all you need to do is roll out the mixture and make whatever shapes you want out of them. Then pop them in the oven until they are golden brown which is normally about 25mins.

Then it is just down to the best bit of any baking and that is the eating of them, and we have mentioned this before but they do make very good dunkers. If you do make these little delights then please share the pics with us on #instatetley.

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