That’s right! We’re going to talk about Christmas! Yes, we know it is only April but we have already got some key dates booked for bigger parties. So here are our top three tips for organising the dreaded staff Christmas party!.

  1. It’s never too early to book your Christmas Party and let’s face it once it’s booked, then you don’t have to worry about_MG_1636.JPG it until you need to start collecting every ones pre-orders.  There is nothing worse in September when you have to keep ringing around different venues to be told they can’t accommodate you on certain date because they have others booked in already. Like we said we already have a few key dates booked for larger parties so get in touch

2. If you have never been to the venue, make sure you have a look around and you know what the party package includes. Every venue is different some have entertainment, some charge for decorations and crackers. Some say they can accommodate you and then you may be put into a room and your party are all squashed together or you planned to be in a private room and you are sat with others._MG_1879.JPG

3. Finally and this is the most important detail is that you need to make sure that you can have a good time! As the party organiser, you’re going to be the one with the ear-ache the next day!. The best tip from us is when you go to look around, make sure you take a list of questions no matter how weird and wonderful to ask the person that is dealing with your booking and make sure that when you are booking a party that works for you and your team! Booking earlier make’s it easier, with less to deal with closer to the time!

So here is the sales pitch we can accommodate bookings from 90ppl to just 2ppl our menu is £29.95 and includes 3 courses, decorations, crackers and name cards with what you have ordered on the back for those that have forgotten (let’s face it who remembers a month later what they have ordered). We don’t do the cabaret evenings where you can book a table but we do offer you the chance for those that have bigger bookings to make your party your own. _MG_1711.JPGThat could be Bond themed with a casino table, to a quiz night with a DJ at the end. Our menu is freshly prepared in our kitchen (apart from the Christmas Puddings). The final thing for our little sales pitch is that for those parties that secure their booking before the 31st October with a deposit we offer a free glass of Fizz on arrival. But we understand that when you book in May you may not have exact numbers or things may change by December so we are flexible and so if you need to change numbers closer to time within reason that is no problem. For more information or to come and see what we can do for you and have a brew and look around email


Not Just a Bar and Kitchen


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