Celebrations and Change

This month started off with us getting a bit of a face-lift which is probably well de17204434_10154188606940163_2044166276_nserved considering the building is 86 years young. Our roof is getting re-done with the flag poles getting tarted up, the letters being taken away to be spruced up and new neon will be getting installed. But though we are surrounded in Harris fencing and scaffold it is business as usual inside for the Bar & Kitchen.

This week we attended the 9th Oliver Awards run by Yorkshire Evening Post. We had been nominated for Best Cafe / Bar and were up against some strong competition. So we sat there as winners were going up for each category and then it finally came to our category. All of a sudden they called our name, Charlotte and I looked at one another and both said have we won ?? and then the sudden realisation hit us that we had to go up and accept our prize. It was a massive surprise and we are very proud of both the prize and our team as it is nice to have the recognition of our peers. We are biased but we think our team are great and our new award now takes pride of place on the bar for all to see (well for a year at least).

17161006_10154188494520163_1345053172_nThe new menu goes live on Wednesday 22nd and El and I have spent a lot of time trying to make this the best summer menu we’ve had yet. We’ve not really touched the Brunch menu as it does what it says on the tin. So we just gave it tweak we have added Eggs your way on toast and swapped muffins for a big thick chunk of bread on the Eggs section and for the Bacon and Sausage butty.

On the main menu we’ve tried to keep everyones favourites (Toad in Hole will never be removed again – promise) and also added in lots of new dishes with both the Salad and Sandwich menu increasing in size in time for those Sunny lunches on the terrace. The menu itself is also getting a bit of a face-lift with Ryan, our Marketing Assistant, spending the morning reformatting it. We hope that it will be easier to read and we look forward to all of your pictures of  our new menu items on our Instagram

We have also been making some changes in our gallery shop and we’ve also started adding limited edition ranges from emerging artists and people who want to make great things happen at The Tetley! This started by reconnecting with some old staff, Luke who was one of our very first staff members and Amy who had been with us for a couple of years left to set a studio up together Lame. We were looking at doing something dLame.jpgifferent with our shop and loved the things that they were are making and then light bulb – we thought to add them to our ever evolving shop! We got in contact to see if they wanted to make a shop within our shop. With a mixture of Ceramics, Prints and Cards their little shop makes the perfect go-to place for gifts, and all handmade by Luke and Amy. Their journal is based around local makers and studios and makes a great read to grab with a cup of north star coffee (also available from our shop) and find a nice spot in the Bar & Kitchen to get lost in. Watch the shop space as some more shelves are about to be taken over by a lady who makes the most fabulous things out of Crayons.

Not Just a Bar and Kitchen

What to watch out for

Key dates are starting to get booked for BBQ’s this summer so if you are looking for something different for your team away day then see what we can do for you.

Adam from the Bar and Kitchen is going to be getting all creative with our outside area and looking at how we can make it even better

We are working on a new project with Meantime Brewery for all those that are interested in the art of brewing. We will be joining forces to offer a day of learning about brewing in our historic Boardroom. If you are interested in more information please email entertain@thetetley.org


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