January is where plans are made.


While everyone else is making resolutions in January, we’ve been planning how we’re
going to make great things happen, and as for Dry January we have cocktails to taste and cost so that’s out the window. We much prefer Ginuary anyway. We’ve got the year planner out and we’re working out what gallery events, weddings and events in the city centre that may affect us.

First things first, we may cause some offence by chatting about Christmas, as soon as it finishes it starts all over again for us. Nothing amuses us more than the confused faces on customers coming in when we’re setting the restaurant with crackers for a photo shoot. fakemasWe have sales and feedback to analyse, we meet and chat about what worked and what didn’t work for us for both front of house and in the kitchen. Next up, we start on new plans and begin to make the new menus. It sounds strange to think that we will be ready to start pushing Christmas by the end of January but it’s true. (We are worse than the supermarkets!) But then again, we’re 4 weeks into the New Year and there are already people out there booking up certain dates – scary I know.  The hardest thing is thinking up a design for the menu, but if I’m being completely honest, testing and costing dishes is the best part.

It’bqq-paps a funny day when one minute you taste a Christmas dish and then the next, it’s something from the BBQ menu. Also let me tell you, trying to get pics of flames lapping over charcoal in -1°c isn’t funny either. So let’s chat summer, although we may be bias, we think we have the best space in the city centre for a BBQ and summer evening drinks. BBQ’s should be about fun, we’ve spent a bit of time discussing games and what we can get people doing. This year we have added sack’s for sack races and tug of war because there is nothing wrong with a bit of good old fashioned competition.  The food is important too and we try and make sure the menu has a good mix of meat, veggie and vegan dishes but also we try to make sure other dietary requirements are met. From bouncy castles, roulette tables and bucking bronco’s we can sort most things out apart from the weather, but if it does rain we do our very best to try and move the outside inside.sack-race

Overall, my favourite part of January is plotting when we’re going to carry out different events and which national days we can get involved with (and there are some very strange ones indeed). It’s also the time we start thinking about our new menu, thinking about what should stay and what should go and more importantly what we’re going to add to our specials (with tasting sessions to see how well it would sell should it make it to our menu). To keep up to date and see what delightful treats are being made in the kitchen, check out our Instagram @t_barandkitchen and we may even be able to tempt you in with a cake or two.


Things to watch out for in the next couple of months are the obvious ones: Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. Then from us here at The Tetley, we have The International Book Fair taking place on the 4th and 5th of March and we’re looking at launching the new menu at the end March.


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