Fresh Food to warm your Heart

As with the changing of the seasons the time has come once again to change to our winter menu. This menu is about food that gives you a hug when you eat it, which everyone needs through these cold months coming up.

First thingtoadss first, we put Toad in the Hole back on the menu as we all felt it wasn’t a summer dish so took it off. Now that was a mistake, as it appears that it was very much missed over the summer months with plenty of feedback on the loss of it from the menu. We’re not about messing around with this dish – Tetley’s batter, a good sausage and some onion gravy and buttered greens on the side.

Let’s talk new menu items, our menu has always had a nice balance of meat and veggie dishes but this time round we’ve also tried to cram in some Vegan dishes and also plenty of Gluten Free Options. One of the great things about dishes that are freshly prepared are that most of them can be adapted for most dietary requirements.

The new dishes range from very typical British pub grub tgammono those that El has put a bit of a twist on, so here is a run-down of some of the staff’s favourite dishes. The Cod Fritters with a Chunky Tomato Salsa is the perfect starter or light bite, with the Salsa being sweet but fresh at the same time. Now we know that risotto isn’t British but ours is inspired by those very classic flavours of Pea and Ham Hock and then topped with a poached egg – it’s sure to keep you full ‘til Teatime. Then if you want something for the evening then it has to be that pub grub classic of Gammon, Egg, Pineapple and Chips. Or for Pudding you could try the Rice Pudding with Mango and Mint Salsa (now that is a hug on a spoon).

We still have kept some of the old favourites, which to be honest will probably never leave our menu. You know the ones: Fish and Chips, Stew, the Platters and our Pie, Chips and Peas.

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