Oh Christmas T

CtbnxtWWIAEBNpk.jpgChristmas starts for us in January – before we’ve even had our staff Christmas party! We sit down to discuss puds, crackers and fizz and reflect on the Christmas gone by and then try and think how we can make the next year even better!

Our starting point is a Christmas menu! Have you ever tried ringing around for the price of  a Christmas pudding in January? People laugh at you. We then forget about it for a couple of months, let our ideas mull over and progress and before you know it, it’s March and it’s Christmas time, when you should really be prepping for Easter.

Once our menu is decided, we then go into talking about what our theme will be. We’ve 14585386_10210526827863991_1659556825_n.jpghad a couple of different Christmas’ here at The Tetley, from a 3D light projection onto the front of our building with huge T-Flake (yes, Tetley flakes) floating down the building, to a Christmas themed on our previous exhibition in the Galleries last year based on wagons. This year we went traditional. – no gimmicks – just baubles (no tinsel, we do not like tinsel). So our designer this year came up with a simple yet effective design based around
our T Logo. This process spanned ideas from Christmas jumpers to Tetley baubles, in the end we decided on the simplicity and so ‘ Christmas T, Oh Christmas T’ was born! Using our  logo to make a T-Christmas tree.

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll see us during the year, working away, shouting about every step of the process, causing mass offence to Bah Humbugs all year through. That’s 14355076_10157456435365181_4184984856817373593_n.jpgright, we’ve been ringing around for crackers in June, we were out hitting the streets in July with flyers, shopping for baubles in August and giving out Gingerbread T-Biscuits in
September. Now it’s October, we’ve got the decorations, we know what the menu is (we’ve already had our first pre-order through!!!!) AND we already have some days that are fully booked and we are waiting to get the party started. If you fancy having a look at our Christmas menu (designed by Thomas Houghton), then click here.

Not just a Bar & Kitchen

(p.s, if you book before 31 October, your party will receive a FREE glass of Prosecco on arrival)



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