What ever happened to Summer??

Wowzers it’s been a busy couple of months here in the Bar and Kitchen, we haven’t even had time to tell you about what we’ve been up to.

The sun may not have shined over the ‘Summer’ but we have hosted plenty of BBQ’s and have got really good at changing the dining room up so we can bring the Outside inoutside in with deck chairs, bean bags and garden games. And for those that have been lucky enough to have their BBQ’s out on the terrace and the green there’s been boules and sumo suits. We’re hoping that September will be a heat wave for all of our BBQ’s that are still
booked in, as it is always good fun to host them out on the terrace and Brewery Green. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing outside space in the city centre and even though BBQ season hasn’t quite finished, it’s time to start planning for next year as the bookings have started coming in.


We were alsoCircus given the opportunity to help ASDA with their family zone for Gay Pride. It was a fabulous day with loads of activities and lots of lovely people taking advantage of the
nice weather and the activities that they had arranged on the Brewery Green. We had garden games, the library van, police and a circus workshop and lots of free fruit.

We’re hoping that next year we’ll be able to help them make it even bigger and better.


The gallery opened a new exhibition which is open daily and Free to look around until 9th October. We have Jonathan Trayte and his giant vegetables and other food related work. Then there’s also Stass Paraskos and his controversial paintings that caused him to be the last artist in England to be prosecuted under the Vagrancy act.

There’s also, as always, been a lot of planning we have been sorting out and #thismaycauseoffence Christmas!!!!! Before you say it’s too soon we already have some days where we’re fully booked. So we have had colour schemes and mood boards to sort out, alongside trying a few of the dishes on the menu. There’s also our Autumn / Winter menu to do which we are going to be launching in British Food Fortnight.

Things that we are looking forward to (apart from the new menu and Christmas, of course), there is a dinner with Jonathan Trayte which sounds a little bit something taken from Alice in Wonderland. And also, Light Night where we will be doing a soup stop.

We also have Oktober Fest which will be on the patch of land next to us, so be surOktober feste to drop in for a Mulled Cider or if you lose your party make us your meeting place. Also, on the same patch of land, the Panto is coming in December.

Oh no there isn’t – OH YES THERE IS!!!!!

Not Just a Bar and Kitchen


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