Summer in the City!

Summer is here (well it’s June) and our Summer Menu has arrived! It’s been a long time coming as the planning for it normally starts on a cold & dark day in April. When we’re planning, you usually have to close your eyes and imagine that you will be sat out on the terrace with the sun beating down on you.

Meet El!

Tetley_June2015 209

El our Head Chef loves creating the Summer menu, as he grew up in Portugal it means he gets a chance to use some great fresh ingredients whilst still trying to have a British influence through the menu. So let’s get to it and tell you about two of our favourite dishes.

El’s favourite dish is the Sea Bream and Chilli Salad he loves to cook fish which has a big hit of freshly chopped chilli’s and a brilliant green basil Dressing to finish.

When we think about a new menu we always try to think of ways that we can somehow get the past of our beautiful building into the food. After all we are based in an iconic building that was once the largest producer of Cask Ale in Britain, and it’s a good pint. So when we added a Burger Section we  experimented with marinating meats in good old Tetley’s. We found that alongside a bit of paprika, the Chicken Burger really took the sweetness of the beer and brought out the taste.


We still have some of those old British Favourites – Fish and Chips, Tetley’s Beef & Ale Stew, Afternoon Tea, Cheese and Pickle Sandwich or Ploughman’s platter. As well as your favourites like the Pantry Platter, Drunk Cheese Sandwich and Lentil Stew.

And now that the Summer Menu’s are printed (and you can also view The Tetley Menus) and being served as we type it is time to start planning a new menu for the colder months. So time to close our eyes and think of rainy days – oh Hang on! (looks outside) oh dear.

Not just a Bar and Kitchen

What to look out for!

-Yorkshire Day
-Den Building Festival
-British Food Week

Keep an eye on this blog for events in the Bar & Kitchen!


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